How do I buy your subscription?

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When will I pay for my subscription as a co-subscriber?Understand billing and payment dates for sharing subscription as a co-subscribed on Sharesub.
How do I join a Sharesub subscription?
What does the "immeditated access" badge mean? 🏅What does "Subscriptions" mean before joining a subscription? As an owner, how do I receive this badge?
Why different flags under each subscription? 🏁If a subscription has a flag from a country I am not in, can I still subscribe?
How many places or screens do I have rights to my Sharesub subscription? 🖥️
How do I know if the subscription works in my country? 🗺️Can we join a subscription offered by someone who does not live in the same country/region as we on Sharesub?
How long does my subscription last? ⏳How long does my subscription last, can I leave it at any time and how does the renewal work?
Can I subscribe at any time as a co-subscriber?As Sharesub's co-subscriber, exit a 24-hour subscription after joining a share. It's safe and easy!
Understand Sharesub payment methods
For what reasons can a complaint be refused?All the reasons why your complaint may have been rejected by our system.
In what cases can I open a claim and claim a refund? 📝The valid patterns for opening a complaint
Share credentials don't work, I don't have accesses. What should be done?
How do I leave a subscription as a co-subscriber?All steps to follow if you want to leave a subscription as a co-subscriber.
I don't see my refund on my bank account ↩️Understand the ways Sharesub issues refunds for co-subscribers.
How do I contact the owner of a subscription?
My subscription isn't working. How do I open a claim? 📝How do I open a claim and apply for a refund?
The owner stopped sharing his subscription on Sharesub. What should be done?Was the service interrupted by an owner on Sharesub? Continuous sharing but the service has stopped? All we need to know.
The owner does not respond to my messages. What should be done?
I don't have invitation codes or link
How do I subscribe? Where can I find my login details?Find out how to access your Sharesub connection info and what to do if you have a problem!