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What are the risks of sharing my subscription? ⚠️
What are the risks of sharing my subscription? ⚠️
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The site proposes to create a trust link between owners and subscribers, guaranteeing and storing financial exchanges and shares. Here is some useful information to understand the issues of subscription sharing.


It is IMPLIED that all exchanges with other users run exclusively on Sharesub. Messages, payment requests, etc. should be done through our internal email system.

For participants in subscriptions

Sharesub monitors protecting all co-subscribers of malicious properties.

  • Long-term guarantee: Owners must provide continuous service throughout the month to receive their payments.

  • Buyer Protection" program: In the event of a malfunction, you can talk to the owner via the dedicated chat and, if necessary, file a claim.

  • Identities Check : Owners must verify their identity with our banking partner to withdraw their funds.

  • Data Protection : All exchanges are carried out through our secure and encrypted messaging system to avoid leaks of information.

For more information about preferred measurements at your disposal, we invite you to consult the article: Buyer Protection Program.

For subscription owners

We offer a complete co-subscriber payment management service.

  • Seurisation of your revenue : When a user joins a subscription, we take guarantees on their payment card.

  • Payment payment: In case of problems, we will contact the co-subscriber and deactivate his account until a new working payment method is provided. For more details, click here.

  • Protection of information : All your data is secured thanks to advanced encryption.

  • Custom support : If you notice an unauthorized change on your shared subscription, you can restrict the access of the problematic user and let us know from the chat.


I. Subscription shared via Link

This type of sharing includes Spotify, Deezer, Duolingo...

Subscription shared via link

When the participant joins your subscription, they will have access to your invite link they will have to join. This link will direct it to a new tab asking it to create an account or log in to its existing account. It will then be a member of your subscription group.

II. Subscription shared via Invitation Mail

This type of sharing includes subscriptions: Youtube, Netflix + 1 or 2 subscriptions, Microsoft 365...

Subscription shared via Invitation Mail

By joining your subscription, the co-subscriber will need to provide you with his email and you will need to send him an invitation to create his unique account with his own password. Being registered on your group will give him access to the service, but he will have no control over your account.

III. Subscription shared via ID

This type of sharing includes Netflix, Disney, Cyberghost, Dazn...

Subscription Shared via Credentials

As the owner, you need to provide your login details to enable your co-subscribers to connect to the service. Make sure you choose a one-time password. Once logged, the user will have access to the profile you have created. If the user chooses to leave, you will need to delete their profile.

With this sharing mode, the user can interact with your account and make changes to the subscription, but these will have no effect because they need your validation (mail alert, SMS, etc. ). So you keep the control, especially as only you have access to your mail box.

If you do not wish to run the risk of this setting, you can choose to share only subscriptions that work via mail/link invitation.

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