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How does Sharesub share work? 🍿
How does Sharesub share work? 🍿
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Sharesub is the best site for sharing subscriptions. Equal and secured, it allows you to reduce your monthly expenses and benefit from more services thanks to the co-subscription 🍿

No need to run after family and friends for refunds, no need to cancel or behave to take a Netflix or Spotify subscription. Here's a simple guide to understand how it works:

  • Shared Subscription : You can create or join a subscription group of over 550 services we offer.

  • Co-Subscribed : Other users can join the subscription group via an invitation link or directly from our platform.

  • Payments : Each co-subscriber pays his or her share of the subscription. Payments are processed securely on the platform. Once the payments have been confirmed, co-subscribers have access to the service. Subscription owners receive funds directly into their bank account.

  • Co-Followers Protection : In case of malfunction, co-subscribers are reimbursed for the period of non-use of the service via the opening of an Claim.

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After you chose the service that integrated you, here's what you need to know:

In this example, the service that integrates us is Spotify.

Active Shares : The total number of subscriptions shared by an owner. It can share a Disney+ subscription, a Netflix Premium subscription and a Nord VPN subscription: 3 active shares in total. In the above example, Pierre-Emmanuel and Clarisse share 5 different subscriptions.

Places : Owners determine the number of seats they provide co-subscribers. There is a space limit based on subscriptions, e.g. unable to open 6 seats for a Netflix Premium subscription. Places are symbolized by bonshommes, a grey bonman represents a place occupied by a co-subscriber, a green man indicates a place available to join.

Price : In blue, they correspond to the total monthly breakdown that each co-subscriber pays by joining a subscription (for a full month of use).

Get started by offering your subscription, or look for a share group to join today, Sharesub ensures the smooth operation and security of your exchanges.

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