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How do I share and join a Netflix subscription on Sharesub? If you have any questions about the streaming giant, here you are!

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Netflix is a video streaming platform offering a vast catalog of films, series and documentaries, accessible via monthly subscription. It allows users to watch streaming content on a variety of devices, offering entertainment experience on demand.

Does Netflix share subscription work?

Yes, Netflix subscription sharing is working!

By sharing your Netflix subscription to Sharesub, you will always be able to enjoy your subscription at the best price. Netflix also offers a new feature (additional subscription) for some of their subscriptions. These new features have already been implemented in many countries, and Sharesub will be happy to guide you! 😉

In which countries is Netflix available?

Netflix is available for streaming in more than 190 countries, including the following countries: Germany, Belgium, Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, Finland, France, Green, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, United Kingdom, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden.

The catalogue of books and films varies from country to country and over time.

Netflix is not available in: China, Crimea, Northern Coree, Russia and Syria.

How do I share my Netflix Standard/Premium subscription?

As explained in the article "How to share a subscription on Sharesub ? , you can share your subscription on page Shared.

You must provide access to your account if you are sharing a Standard or Premium subscription, otherwise your subscription will not be visible to our users.

Your subscription is valid and your first co-subscribers are joining your share! Follow these simple steps:

  • Connect to Netflix platform.

  • Click the top right on your avatar.

  • Select "Edit Profiles".

  • Create an individual profile for each user.

Indeed, each co-subscriber has the right to a single access from his own profile. For increased security, consider adding a PIN for each profile.


Extra Subscription option, what is it? How does this work?

Account holders can purchase an Additional Subscriber option and invite up to 2 people from outside their household to use Netflix. An additional subscription has its own profile, account and passwordbut the payment of its subscription is supported by the owner of the share on Netflix.

The override of 5.99€ per subscriber increases the price of a Netflix Premium subscription from 19.99€ to 31.97€ (for 2 additional subscriptions).

If you share your Netflix account with Sharesub, subscription covers part of the fee for your primary subscription and the total cost of option, thus reducing your expenses while remaining advantageous for your co-subscribers! 😃

By joining this kind of sharing, the co-subscriber must communicate his email address to the owner who will send him an invitation via email. Then he will have to click on the mail and join the link. The co-subscriber will then be able to set up his additional subscription account by defining a password.

How do I add an Additional Subscription on Netflix?

On your Account page, go to "Buy an additional subscription option".

  • Click on "Next".

  • Check and confirm the new payment amount and the new billing date.

  • Select "Activate additional subscription".

  • Set up the additional subscription by indicating its name, e-mail address, and yours.

  • The additional subscription will receive an invitation email.

You can also click on " Additional subscriptions" > " "Freeze additionals subscriptions" to copy the invite link and send it directly to the person concerned via Sharesub's chat.

How do I use Netflix on my TV?

Measure if after Netflix Terms of Use, an account should not be shared with people outside your home, it is technically possible to share your Netflix account with users located at other addresses; you have the right to log in from different locations of the associated home to your account.

Whether it is on an iOS or Android device, you have the possibility to project or cast your content on your television. This will allow you to continue watching on a large screen. You can also connect a computer to your TV with an HDMI notebook. For more information on the steps to follow, you can consult the following article.

If this doesn't suit you, the other solution is to switch to the new account sharing mode; that of the additional subscriber. We wrote an article on this topic which we strongly recommend to read.

How to join a Netflix subscription?

To do this, join the page: NetflixSubscriptions.

Select the type of subscription you are interested in (Premium, Standard, + 1 or 2 subscribers). Among the offered subscriptions, make your choice by clicking on the heading "I subscribe".

In the example given, a standard Netflix subscription.

If the offer matches what you were looking for, confirm this by clicking on the second section "I subscribe". You will then be redirected to the payment page.

Be careful, users pay a pro-rata for the current month in the first month, which represents an attainable financial advantage. On the example above, the user joins the subscription on the 28th of a month of 30 days.

On this page, enter your details to complete the booking and validate the payment from your mobile app.

You have joined your Netflix subscription!

To find your login details or contact the owner, click on the"Go to subscription details" button or go to the Subscriptions page.

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