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Is sharing subscriptions equal? ⚖️
Is sharing subscriptions equal? ⚖️

All the questions you ask about the subscription sharing, and their answers!

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You've heard of and been tempted to share subscriptions with friends and family, but are you unsure whether it's legal? Here are the facts and reasons why subscription sharing is perfectly legal.

General conditions of use

Many subscription providers include general terms of use in their contract to allow subscriptions to be shared between members of a same home, or with friends, and most often without restriction.

In general, as long as usage is reasonable and does not exceed a specified number of simultaneous users, sharing subscriptions is allowed. Sharesub helps you meet these limits using patterns in which the number of allowed places is prefilled.

These subscriptions were concise by the platforms in order to be used by several, with different accounts or profiles: so why would you deny them when you pay for?

Case law in favor of subscription sharing

There are legal precedents that show that the sharing of subscriptions is not as illegitimate. Indeed, subscription sharing is often considered a fair practice that does not affect the commercial interests of subscription providers, insofar as they are responsible for their marketing.

Economic benefits and risks modeled

Sharing subscriptions offers many economic benefits to consumers. By sharing a subscription, you reduce costs for each participant while enjoying the same quality service!

From the platform side, shared subscriptions are an earnable. Malicious one income per user decreased, studies show that these subscriptions generate overall revenue higher because users are:

  • plus fideformat@@1 because they stay subscribed longer

  • converted to the service while otherwise, they might not have subscribed or chosen this service

  • marketing vectors, because those who discover the service through third parties are more likely to subscribe to it regularly.

Finally, the risks associated with sharing are minimal, if not non-existent, if you make sure you choose unique passwords, do not re-use them for your other accounts and update them for any co-subscriber part!

Sharing subscriptions may sound curious, but jurisprudence shows that this is an equal practice that offers many benefits to consumers. The sharing of subscriptions makes it possible to realize savings in respect of service publishers.

So don’t share your subscriptions to get the most out of your service!

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