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Are payments on Sharesub secured? 🚧
Are payments on Sharesub secured? 🚧
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Yes. Your security is our absolute priority and we are obliged to protect all your data.

When paying to join a subscription, your bank asks you to authorize the operation to complete the transaction. Your card numbers will never be shared with others, nor are they visible to our staff.

All payments made on Sharesub are processed through an server secured, compliant with SSL (https) and PCI-DSS standards in partnership with our banks. Your data is also encrypted for maximum security.

Plus, we have implemented a program that we detail in an article described: Buyer Protection Program.

The 🔒 symbol visible from your navigation bar certifies that our site is secured. It indicates that a site has a security certificate recognized as trusted by the browser, and that it has a private connection to the site.

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