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Fees & commissions — Do I have to pay to use Sharesub? 💱
Fees & commissions — Do I have to pay to use Sharesub? 💱

Share your subscription costs seamlessly! No hidden fees, get the money collected from your bank account.

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Subscription Owner

If you wish to share the cost of your subscription, the service is completely free. There are no hidden fees: all the money you collect will be fully returned to your bank account. There is also no charge for refunds.

Participants / Co-subscribers of the share

When joining the subscription, you pay the price of your place to pro-rata of hard use as well as a running fee of 4, % + 0.49€ per payment. These fees are included in displayed prices.

Every month, unless you do otherwise renewals of your current subscriptions are done automatically on Sharesub on the 1st of everymonth.

You have been fully reimbursed for the non-access subscription period if it does not work, as described in our Buyer Protection Program.

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