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When will I receive my money?

You have successfully shared your subscription, congratulations!

So naturally you want to know when you will receive the participation of other subscribers. Here's how it works:

When subscribers join your subscription, their payment method is verified. They may see a transaction on their account, due to the validation of the card.
It is only at the end of the month that the payment will be definitively collected (or the week or the quarter, depending on the frequency chosen). This allows the amount to be adjusted for participatory subscriptions (the fair share adjusts the cost each month), or if the owner has to stop the subscription during the month.
After 3 to 7 days, due to the banking delay, the money becomes available. It will be transferred to the bank account you have indicated on the 8th day of the month at the latest. Please note that a minimum amount of 10€ is required for us to continue to make these transfers free of charge.

Please remember to check your account so that the transfer can be made. This formality is necessary to meet the requirements of financial market regulators. It is also a valuable protection for purchasers, to ensure that subscriptions are offered by legitimate users.

Updated on: 26/04/2023

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