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What kind of proof do I need to validate my subscription?

Sharesub is a subscription sharing platform for individuals. We are also an ACPR-affiliated payment processor, so we have banking obligations. This is the law for all companies that make payments on behalf of third parties. For example, identification and identity documents are required above a certain income threshold, and sometimes as soon as the account is opened.

Our services may ask you to send us supporting documents concerning your identity and your subscriptions.

To simplify the procedure, we invite you to send us the following documents:

- Identity document (national identity card, passport ..)
- Subscription invoice with the name and surname of the owner of the subscription and proof of payment on the bank statement,
- Proof of address less than 3 months old,

These elements can be sent directly in response to the requests that have been made.

Updated on: 27/04/2023

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