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The owner often changes his login details, what can I do?

You have subscribed to a subscription share, but the owner changes his login details very often and this bothers you?

For information, we advise all owners to change their password as soon as a subscriber leaves the subscription, so that it cannot be changed and it is not the owner's fault. This is one of the few small constraints of subscription sharing. On the other hand, if the owner changes his login details (email and password) several times and the accounts do not seem to be the owner's accounts, then please inform us as this may be contrary to our TOS in some cases.

However, rest assured, as part of our efforts to ensure that our users have a smoothly running and compliant subscription on Sharesub, we are constantly on the lookout for any type of unusual activity on our platform. We do this by using our own custom fraud detection software, a dedicated moderation team, or a combination of both.

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Updated on: 28/04/2023

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