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The identifiers of the share do not work what to do?

Your first reflex is the following: if you can't connect with the identifiers of your subscription, communicate directly on the chat with the owner. He has a 24 hour deadline to answer you.

Select the subscription or you notice a problem of connection:

where is the chat :


In a second time only if the problem persists and the manager of the subscription does not answer you under the 24 hours we invite you to open a complaint, to open a complaint here are the stages:

- Go to the description page of the subscription

- Go to the "login" category

- Click on "claim".

Select the reason for this complaint!

And that's it!

The control team will accept or reject the claim depending on the reason for the claim, the processing time is less than 24 hours.

Updated on: 05/05/2023

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