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My subscription is not working

Sharesub protects its buyers

At Sharesub, you always have co-subscriber protection for every purchase, so we make sure your subscription works:

Once your payment card has been verified, you will be given access to the subscription and the information the organiser has provided. If this is not enough or if an invitation is needed, you have a secure messaging system to exchange with the organiser. Finally, you have the possibility to open a complaint if your requests have not been fulfilled within 24 hours: our team will check and cancel your participation free of charge if necessary.

Do not buy identical subscriptions while waiting for an organiser's response: as soon as you place an order, you are committed for the current month if the subscription works well.

You can at any time, in case of malfunctioning, "open a complaint" on a subscription you have joined. To do so, go to your joined subscriptions . Click on the "View details" button

You can then click on the "Problem or refund request" button

Our teams will get back to you within an average of 12 hours. If the subscription does not work or is not compliant, you will receive a full refund.

Updated on: 26/04/2023

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