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My account is blocked, I see a 403 code

If your account has been blocked, it is to protect other users of the platform.

When is my account blocked?

If you have entered a false identity or name. For your information, you cannot get your transfers without a real identity, and this is mandatory. Your first and last names are not displayed to visitors, only to participants of your subscriptions.
Or if you have late, unpaid payments and owe money to users. This happens when you have not responded to reminder emails and sms telling you that your payments are in arrears. You are then removed from your subscriptions and your account is blocked.

In this case, you will no longer be able to view subscription details or join new subscriptions. You have also been removed from your current subscriptions and your place has become available again for other users. The owner and your other co-members will have to change your password if necessary, as you have been removed.

How do I unlock my account?

If you have not seen the dunning emails, please check your "Spam" or "Promotions" folder and click on the "Not spam" or "Not promotion" button, or mark them as "important", so that you will receive our emails the next time.
To pay the pending amounts, you must log into your account, on the Payment Card page, and add a valid card with sufficient funds each month. If you only have one card and you have already added it, you must add it again to restart the payments manually, as our repeated attempts did not work.
Once the card has been added, send an email to or reply to our email indicating that your account has been blocked, stating that you wish to unblock your account, and that you have already added the payment card.

What about my current subscriptions?

You have been removed from your current subscriptions, but if your place is still available when you contact us, and your payments are working, you will be put back on the subscriptions. It will be your responsibility to contact the subscription organiser to tell them that you have rectified your situation.

Avoid a repeat of this.

Blocking accounts wastes time for you, support and the organisers. Make sure that the payment card you use on Sharesub has sufficient funds to avoid this, and avoid prepaid cards such as Revolut, Lydia, or other cards with small amounts. They are suitable for online purchases, but not for monthly subscriptions.

If your account is blocked several times in a row, customer service may decide not to proceed with the unblocking.

Updated on: 26/04/2023

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