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Managing my complaints as a subscription owner

As a subscription owner, you have the responsibility to share functional subscriptions and to respond to your co-subscribers via secure chat at the risk of having open complaints against you.

You have the option of managing your complaints yourself within 24 hours by talking to the co-subscriber concerned.

Go to your space "shared subscriptions".
Select the subscription on which "Complaint open..." appears.

Click on "View details".
You will see the details of the complaint and the time remaining to resolve the problem.

You have the choice to contest if you disagree or accept the complaint if you think it is legitimate from your co-subscriber who will be reimbursed. This choice must be justified by exchanges in secure chat and will then be re-evaluated by our moderation team. Each user has the right to open a complaint if their case corresponds to one of those described in this article.

Updated on: 26/09/2023

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