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I have received a failed payment alert

I have received a failed payment alert SMS or email

If you have received this message, it means that the transaction could not be completed: while trying to renew your subscription for the next month, we encountered an error with your credit card. Please correct it quickly so as not to lose your subscription.

🏦 The most common payment errors

An expired payment card: please provide another card
A reached payment limit or lack of funds. You can usually increase your payment limit on your banking app.
A request from the bank to re-authenticate your card in 3DSecure: in this case, you have received another email with a link to follow to validate it. It will show you a simplified page with a single button to click to restart the payment.

👉 To correct this problem

Please login to your Sharesub account and add a new payment card from the cards page. If you want to use the same card and have the funds, you can add the same card to restart the payment.

If your card is being renewed, you can add another one, and you can delete it after you have handed in your main card. If necessary, you can even use the card of a trusted third party (spouse, etc.), as you can delete it for the following month.

⚠️ Please note: In the absence of successful payment, the owner of the subscription will be informed, and you will be removed from the subscription. This is a bit of a pain for you as well as for the organiser who has to change passwords, or modify the subscription. And in some cases (Spotify...) you can't change groups several times a year.

Updated on: 26/04/2023

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