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How will I receive the subscription information?

You have just joined a subscription, and naturally you want to benefit from it! 😊

Here's how the information is sent to you:

- Go to the page of the subscription you have just joined

- Check the "Secure Information" section to find the information the owner has left for you (see image below)

What if the information is insufficient? 🔎

Sometimes the subscription works by invitation. This is the case for Youtube Premium for example, where you have to provide the email address you use to connect to Youtube to the owner. Contact him then by Chat: click on the "Chat" button on the top right of the subscription page, and write him a short message. He will be notified by email of your request and will come and answer you.

Make sure you receive our emails (promotions or spam tab), so you don't wait in vain for a reply.

What to do if the link or password provided does not work? 🔑

If the password does not work, it is because it may have been changed by the subscription manager. Click on the "Chat" button at the top right of the subscription page and ask them to provide you with the new code.

If it is a link, it is possible that the link has expired, and the owner needs to provide a new one. Again, ask for help in the Secure Chat.

What if I don't hear back from the owner after 24 hours? 🕒

After 24 hours without a response, you can open a complaint by clicking on the "Report a problem" button, and our team will respond. Of course, you can decide to wait a little longer, as not everyone is always available (holidays, etc.). But without a quick response from the manager, we can remove you from the subscription free of charge so that you can find another subscription with a responsive person.

Please note that we remove subscriptions from unserious managers: no response, illegitimate or non-functional subscription.

Functionality is guaranteed, otherwise you will not be charged!

Updated on: 26/04/2023

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