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How many seats or screens am I entitled to on my Sharesub subscription?

You have a subscription, how many screens or devices can you use it on simultaneously?

For all Sharesub subscriptions the same rule applies "each co-subscriber has the right to his or her profile", each co-subscriber can use the subscription he or she has subscribed to as long as he or she wants and as he or she wants.
For each subscription, you have the right to only one profile and therefore only one connected device (if you want to change device there is no problem, just remember to disconnect from the other device) so if you want to connect to several accounts, or create several profiles you will have to join several subscriptions.

For any subscriber who does not respect the instructions, the owners can inform and sanctions will be taken (sanctions can go from the cancellation of the subscription to a blocked account).
We remain at your disposal for any further questions.

Updated on: 11/05/2023

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