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How do I add or remove a seat from my subscription?

Do you want to add a seat because you've noticed that there are still seats available or do you want to remove a seat because your membership is full?

Sharesub is evolving, no more need to contact, you can now modify the number of seats available on your subscription alone, to do this here are the steps to follow:

- First, go to Shared Subscriptions :

- Then, select the subscription you want to modify
- Then, click on "subscribers".

- Finally, you just have to add a place by clicking on "add a place" or on the little garbage can to delete a free place

As a reminder, you cannot delete a seat that is occupied by a co-subscriber or add a seat if your number of seats has reached the maximum allowed by the platform of your subscription

For any additional questions, you can contact Sharesub customer service at

Updated on: 26/04/2023

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