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Buyer Protection Program

At Sharesub, we want buyers to be able to make their subscriptions safely: for every purchase you always have co-subscriber protection, and we make sure it works or your money back.

Securing funds
The operation and compliance of your subscription is guaranteed: once your payment card is verified, your money is safe in an escrow account until the end of the current month. Your money will not be forwarded to the subscription owner until the month of subscription has passed without issue.

Secure exchanges
You get access to the membership and information that the organizer provided after the purchase. If this is not enough or if an invitation is needed, you have a secure and moderated chat room to exchange with the organizer. All exchanges on this chat allow our team a thorough control and allows to keep a history.

Simple and fast refund*.
Finally, you have the possibility to open a claim if your requests to the owner have not been successful within 24 hours: our team will make the checks and cancel your participation free of charge if necessary.

You can buy with peace of mind. Indeed, we will refund you according to our terms of use if your subscription:
does not work,
does not work and you have no response from the owner,
does not meet its description

Simply click on "Complaint & Refund**" within 48 hours of subscribing on the subscription page.

Do not buy identical subscriptions while waiting for a subscription owner to respond: once you place an order, you are committed for the current month if the subscription is working well.

Be careful when your interlocutor asks you or sends you a phone number / e-mail Here we guarantee the security of your exchanges, that's why we advise you to stay on the messaging system to discuss and go through the secure Sharesub payment for your transactions. If you have a problem with the subscription and the exchanges did not take place on the Sharesub secure chat, we will not be able to activate the buyer protection described above.

Please also see our Frequently Asked Questions which covers many other topics.

Updated on: 26/04/2023

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