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Add a credit card

When you join a subscription, you will be asked for a credit card. You can add or change a credit card at any time here.

⚠️ The addition of a bank card is validated by a payment request of 1€ to your bank (pre-authorization). This amount validates the validity of the bank card you are trying to add.

This amount is systematically refunded to you. It disappears a few days after the addition of the new credit card. This delay can vary from 3 to 8 days depending on your bank.

Modifying a bank card

In the same way as adding a credit card, you can modify the credit card used to pay your subscriptions here.

Once your credit card is added you can choose the one you want to use by default. To do so, click on the "Make main" button below.

Delete a bank card

⚠️ You need at least one valid card if you have a current subscription.

You can see the registered cards by clicking here. You can then click on the "Delete" button after selecting the card of your choice.

Updated on: 26/04/2023

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